Preserving and Promoting local history for the former Rideau Township
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Time: Wednesday, May 17, 2017
7:30 pm


Carsonby Community Hall
6047 Prince of Wales Drive

North Gower, ON

Carsonby Community Hall

The 2017 June Excursion

Probably on Saturday, 24 June, we will have an excursion to the Wilno Heritage Village to explore our Polish roots, with a lunch at the Polish buffet at Wilno Tavern.

All are welcome so please feel free to bring friends.


How to Start up and Maintain a Museum

Jim Witham will discuss the subject of starting and maintaining a museum. His credentials include 21 years at the 


Jim Witham, the Retired Head of the War Museum

Jim held the museum’s most senior position as director general for three years but decided to move one step down the corporate ladder to his previous post in collections.

Witham’s 21 years at the museum were mainly spent dealing di-rectly with artifacts. As an example he spent two whole years re-storing one old army tank. In his job as director general he found he missed that hands-on approach and as a result, asked for his old job back.

He has already prepared a list of more gems he hopes to acquire, including an old tank in Belgium and an armoured snowmobile in Italy. Administration just wasn’t his cup of tea.

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