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Preserving and Promoting local history for the former Rideau Township
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Coral Lindsay

The speaker for the evening was Coral Lindsay. Her subject was the Lindsay’s Wharf on the Rideau River in Kars. This Wharf served Kars, North Gower, Manotick, and much of the former North Gower Township for most of the steam boat era between 1830 and 1930.

The Wharf was located south of Kars a short distance beyond the Presbyterian Church on Rideau Valley Drive South. The Wharf House, storage for shipping & receiving,  is still there, having been renovated to provide a comfortable and attractive home.

Fortunately Coral managed to acquire several of the ledgers that were kept on the comings and goings of freight at the Wharf. The ledger presented was the second of a number of them so it describes the earlier times.

 From the names of users of the wharf Coral has been able to establish the area served. From the manifests she has been able to develop a good appreciation of the needs of the community for everything from soap and tobacco to building materials and foodstuffs.

These findings tell another side of what was going on in the community through that era, as they must match with the commerce and activities of the time.

Lindsay's Wharf, Kars, Ontario

Presented by Coral Lindsay

St. Andrews Presbyterian Church, Kars
November 21, 2007

One example is the production of cheese for export. At the time England could not produce enough cheese for its needs and consumed all Eastern Canada could produce. Thus the 90lb cheeses in the familiar boxes were a major shipping item at the wharf. One Society member volunteered that his first toboggan was made from cheese boxes.

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Coral also covered some of the background of the Lindsays associated with the wharf, told lots of humorous stories of the times, and answered many questions on the wharf and the boats and how it all worked. She also had prepared a large display of pictures, documents, and artefacts to flesh out the presentation. The display kept most of the people around for quite some time after the meeting.

The meeting was very well attended and much enjoyed. Coral received compliments from all when we adjourned to the refreshments

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