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Preserving and Promoting local history for the former Rideau Township
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Watson's Mill Student Guided Tour of Manotick,
The Manotick 150th Anniversary Celebrations

Presented by Cam Trueman
 & Greg Newton

If any of this sounds exciting to you, or a teen in your life, contact Watson's Mill at (613) 692-6455.

Greg Newton

Not to be outdone by that exciting multi-year project, Greg Newton spoke about the many ideas being considered by the Manotick 150 committee, which he chairs. 

Besides Dickinson Days in June, there will be a birthday weekend July 31-Aug 3rd with a very long list of activities. From a parade and BBQ, to antiques and art, a trade show and tree planting, family fun and musical guests, it's going to be a very busy year for the community!  It's not too soon to get involved as all kinds of help will be needed.

Article by Lucy Martin

The evening's first speaker was Cam Trueman, who appeared as 19th century Fort Steele settler, Frederick Norbury.  Cam dressed the part for a dramatic explanation of how the intersection of a person with a place can create history and good stories.  (Cam was program manager for Interpretation and Education for the Fort Steele interpretive program in B.C., before he joined the staff at Watson's Mill.)

Cam Trueman

Cam's demonstration helped the audience imagine the possibilities in a program that's just getting underway this year at Watson's Mill: the Four Corner Youth Interpretation Project. Area youth, ages 15-18, will be encouraged to apply volunteer hours toward developing and presenting historic skits, tours and (eventually) dramatic plays.