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Preserving and Promoting local history for the former Rideau Township
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A few of the 73 RTHS members who attended

Next came the awards ceremony. Certificates of appreciation were presented to the Dickinson House volunteers for their beyond the call of duty support in presenting its history and characteristics to visitors this past summer and for other endeavours.

The one glitch of the evening occurred at this point. Sandy Truman, in preparing the list of volunteers from her records, put the names in the order in which they first volunteered at the house. Mark prepared the computer slide show in that order.  

Coral, who was handing out the certificates, being an organized person, of course immediately sorted the certificates into alphabetical order. This all was very fortunate because it resulted in Coral and Mark doing 5 minutes or so of stand up comedy worthy of Burns & Allen.  

    The food is prepared and brought by the members

As usual the evening was a great success with good food, good fellowship, and a feeling of the Christmas in the air.

The RTHS had a good year in 2010 with a notable increase in membership. As a result the usual venue for our Christmas get together, the North Gower United Church Hall, was no longer large enough to accommodate us. Instead the event was held at the Knox Presbyterian Church in Manotick. We extend our thanks to the North Gower United Church for having us all those years in the past.

We also extend our thanks to Knox in general for use of the Church Hall on such short notice and to Melanie Hayes in particular for the setup and decorations. The room was beautiful as can be seen in the pictures included here.

Highlights of the evening included:

A welcome by Mark Jodoin during which he inadvertently let slip a little known accomplishment of his. Mark has written and published a book entitled “Shadow Soldiers of the American Revolution”. Well done Mark!  

    Mark Jodoin addressing the get together

The food as usual was excellent. It tasted as good as it looks in the picture. Maybe RTHS should think about opening a restaurant. Maybe not. If that night was any indicator we would probably eat the profits.

The music program was in two parts. Scott and Margaret Cameron serenaded us on the pipes and drums during the buffet dinner. We had the rare pleasure of hearing Christmas music played on the pipes.

After dinner we had a sing-a-long with Susan McKellar on the piano. Besides some familiar Christmas carols we sang several compositions consisting of familiar melodies with lyrics by RTHS’s own Oscar Hammerstein, Coral Lindsay. Included were such perennial favourites as “Bring Back the Steamboats”.  

The December 2010 Pot Luck

Held at Knox Presbyterian Church, Manotick

Article by Ron Wilson