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Preserving and Promoting local history for the former Rideau Township
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The Annual Bring and Brag Session

Presented by RTHS Members

Carsonby Hall
April 16, 2008

Once a year the RTHS has a "bring and brag session at which members bring in and present interesting historic artefacts from their personal collections. The artefacts themselves are quite interesting and offer examples of the ingenuity of our ancestors. They also reveal the very broad range of backgrounds and experiences of our RTHS members.

There was an enthusiastic crowd-- along with an excellent variety of special things--at the April 15th gathering, which was held in Carsonby.

Nicknamed the "bring and brag" meeting, this cross between Antiques Road Show and grade school "show and tell" proved once again that value often has little to do with money.

Sandy Wilson suspects there may be thousands of Last Supper glass trays that are identical to the one she found while sorting through her late mother-in-law's things. But hers is priceless.

Secrets were revealed: Ann Cronin admitted that relatives back in England may not know she has their Grandfather's badge of office as Mayor of Dover during World War II.

Brian Earl brought in small war devices-- e.g. ingenious designs to impede horses --that provoke admiration for their cunning and horror at their intent.

David Hayes radiated enthusiasm for the world of trains while explaining his own authentic rail lanterns.

Coral Lindsay brought a display of hat pins and explained how useful such sharp implements could be in thwarting high winds and overeager suitors.

Everyone old enough to remember that year murmured in appreciative recognition when Owen Cooke held his Expo '67 Passport aloft.

Classic lamps, paintings, photographs, buckles, a family box, a patent, a tapestry, a "masterpiece" stone carving, an old underwear box, an old wooden beam recovered from the Rideau, items people wanted more information on--even a walking cane made from a cabbage plant--those and more were shared, along with fascinating stories.

Think about what story-laden treasure may be in your possession and be sure to share it with others at this very special meeting next year!

Marg Rogers with her historical items

Denis Osmond presenting picture

Brian Earle presenting his items