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Officer's Page:

The officers of the Society are elected by the membership at the first meeting of the new year. Terms are generally three years but for various reasons may be less.

Meetings of the executive are generally held the first Monday evening after a society meeting. Venues include the Archives in North Gower or the home of one of the members of the Executive.

David “Sandy” McNiece
Vice President
Susan McKellar
Immediate Past President
Tom MacDonald
Ruth Wright
Susan (Sue) Gibson
Publications Editor and Custodian
Susan McKellar
Membership Director
Gary Bagleyt
Communications Director
Allan Haan
Program Director
Dorothy Gray

Directors at Large   Chair of Dickinson House Committee
Brian Earl
Officers / Duties Contact Info


  • Conduct the regular monthly meetings and annual meetings of the Society.

  • Convene and chair regular meetings of the Executive committee. (4th Wednesday of the month as required)

  • Call membership meetings to consider decisions referred from the executive committee.

  • Appoint sub-committees upon the advice of the Executive Committee.

  • Appoint an executive committee, nominating sub-committee before the end of the calendar year, consisting of the immediate past president and at least two members of the society in good standing.

David "Sandy" McNiece  
(613) 762 1100
[email protected]

Vice President:

  • Carry out the duties of the President as and when required

Susan McKellar
(613) 489 3961--

[email protected]

Immediate Past President:

  • Provide advice and support to the executive committee

Tom MacDonald  
(613) 215-0213 
t[email protected]


  • Record minutes of regular meetings of the society and executive committee meetings.

  • Deal with the correspondence of the Society.

  • Ensure that notices of motion requested by members of the Society are submitted to the members at least one month in advance of the meeting where the motions will be tabled.

Ruth Wright

(613) 489-3886--

[email protected]


  • Maintain the financial records of the Society as required including income and expenditures.

  • Prepare an annual budget for acceptance by the committee and the membership at the  annual meeting of the Society.

  • Administer the Society bank accounts, issue cheques on behalf of the Society to conform with the annual budget, signed by the Treasurer and countersigned by the President or Vice President.

  • Ensure that all expenditures outside the budget, are approved by the members, at a meeting of the society.

  • Prepare and submit an annual financial statement accepted by a Financial Examiner appointed by the Executive Committee, at the February meeting of the Society.

  • Prepare and Submit the Registered Charity Information Return required by the Canada Revenue Agency, no later than six months after the end of the Society’s fiscal year which on December 31

  • Monitor compliance with the law governing Registered Charities as administered by the CRA

  • Prepare and submit the Ontario Annual return.

  • Prepare and submit applications for City Heritage Funding for operations and projects.

  • Collect and deposit book sale monies from the Archives office.

  • Act as treasurer for Friends of the Archives.

Susan (Sue) Gib
(613) 612-0638
sueanddave[email protected]

Publications Editor and Custodian:

  • Acts as editor of Society publications

  • Develops plans and strategies for the publishing activities of the RTHS

  • Ensures that publications are available as demand dictates and acts as custodian of stock publications at the Archives.

  • Maintains an electronic record of Society publications and their value.

  • Maintains a "box" of publications for sale at events attended by RTHS members.

Susan McKellar

(613) 489 3961--
[email protected]

Membership Director

  • Maintains membership lists of all classes of member, showing status with personal information, protected in accordance with the Personal information protection policy document of the Society.

  • Accepts membership applications and solicits renewals, in accordance with the documentation requirements above.

  • Submits membership fees to the Treasurer from time to time, supported by a receipt document showing the amounts submitted and the paid up members represented.

  • Reports to the executive committee on the membership levels.

  • Provides name tags, for new members as required.

Gary Bagley
[email protected]

Chair of the Dickinson House Committee

  • Chairs the Dickinson House Committee to plan, organize, and implement the annual program for the operation of the house.

  • Prepares and manages the budget for the operation of the Dickinson House and outdoor events in the summer.

Brian Earl
[email protected]

Communications Director:

  • Chairs the Communications Subcommittee for promoting the activities of the Society and the Dickinson House.

  • Communicates with the media on Society matters and develops promotional material as required for the Society and the Dickinson House

Allan Haan
613)-371-1158 (cell)
[email protected]

Program Director:

  • Seeks out speakers and recommends venues for presentations at RTHS meetings.

  • Recommends places for the annual June excursion and makes arrangements for the event.

  • Prepares material promoting the programs and events for RTHS members and the general public for the newsletter and the website..

Dorothy Gray
[email protected]

Directors at Large:

  • Directors at large assist with the development and delivery of the RTHS program.

Maureen McPhee
[email protected]

Giulio Maffini
[email protected]

Scott Cameron
f[email protected]
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