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Web Sites

There are lots of genealogy web sites, and more and more all the time. Use search engines such as Google to look for the specific areas you're interested in. These are some we're aware of (note: web site addresses may change from time to time).

International & Immigration


General Registry Office     

Genes Reunited                    


National Archives of Scotland                                                      $

Scotlands People                        $

Scottish Archives Network 



History and Reference Sites

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Canadian Genealogy and History 

Canadian Obituary Links             

Census Online                

Cyndi's List                     

Early Canadiana Online                     $

Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter        

Genealogy Gateway to the Webb              

Genealogy Resources on the Internet

Genealogy Today                 


Global Gazeteer      

Global Genealogy    

Heritage Productions Genealogy Store

National Institute for Genealogical Studies

Our Roots     

Collaboration Sites

Books We Own      

GeneaNet                      $