Manotick Souvenir Centennial Programme

The Police Village of Manotick (108 years) (in stock)
Souvenir Centennial Programme

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Author: Manotick Centennial Committee
Published: 1967
24 pages
Staple bound
Format 4 x 8½ inches

Rideau Branch Ottawa Archives, Tuesdays 9:30am - 4:30pm

In 1967 Canada was 100 years old. That year Manotick was 108 years old, having been founded by Moss Kent Dickinson in 1859. In 1967 Manotick had the status of a “police village”. As part of the celebration of Canada’s Centennial, the pamphlet “The Police Village of Manotick” was produced. The pamphlet contains a brief history of Manotick, a review of the facilities available in 1967 including shopping, services, churches, schools, etc.; the centennial year program; governance; and a walking tour of the village.