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The Women of Dickinson House and Their Place in Manotick Society 1870 - 1930
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Author: Maureen McPhee
Published: 2014
Copyright © Maureen McPhee
ISBN  978-0-9781361-4-7
53 pages
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Format 8½ x 11 inches

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In 1870, three sisters moved into a large house in the centre of the village of Manotick, along with their two brothers and their father - Moss Kent Dickinson, the founder of Manotick. While Lydia Dickinson was to die tragically two years later, her sisters Charlotte and Elizabeth lived long and full lives in this gracious century home, which has come to be known as Dickinson House.

Details of the lives of women in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries are generally difficult to uncover; however, Maureen McPhee, a local historian and retired federal civil servant, has used available resources to shed light on the interests and concerns of these women, as well as their interactions with others in helping to shape Manotick village society.