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The The Dickinson Men of Manotick
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Authors: Bill & Georgina Tupper
Published: 2015
Copyright ©  Bill & Georgina Tupper
ISBN 978-0-9781361-5-4
121 pages
Perfect bound
Format 8½ x 11 inches

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The book The Dickinson Men of Manotick is a look at aspects of the development of the eastern Ontario – northern New York State area by chronicling the history of several generations of the Dickinson family.  The first Dickinsons emigrated from England to Massachusetts in 1634. From there they spread west and north, their descendants eventually reaching northern New York state and eastern Ontario.  Along the way they became farmers, operated transportation businesses for people and freight, became mill operators, and even politicians.  It was a time when the wilderness was being opened up, when fortunes were routinely made and lost, and when a fledging economy was being established in both New York and Ontario.

The book follows the Dickinson family emigrating from England, and in relocating to upper New York state and Kingston. It follows Moss Kent Dickinson in his career as a forwarder on the St. Lawrence River and on the newly-built Rideau Canal.  The fourth chapter describes his coming to Manotick and involvement in political activities that included serving, along with his son George, in the government of Sir John A. Macdonald.  The fifth chapter of the book looks into the circumstances of his enterprises in Manotick which included building and operating a sawmill, a carding mill, a grist mill, and a bung mill.

The final chapter addresses the careers of his sons George and William, who played a significant role in the development of Manotick and who were well known in and beyond Manotick.