book rideau township roads 1800 - 1925

Rideau Township Roads 1800 - 1925 (in stock)

Author: Kathleen M. James
Published: 1995
Copyright © Canada 1995 by Kathleen M. James  
50 pages
Cerlox bound
Format 8½ x 11 inches

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Settlement of Marlborough and North Gower Townships began about 1800 fuelled by the move north by United Empire Loyalists after the American Revolution and by immigration from the United Kingdom and Europe. At the time the landscape consisted of dense forests, swamps, small streams and rocky outcroppings. There was, of course, a lot of pressure to build roads, but it was not an easy task. Waterways were the first highways and travel in winter was in fact easier than in summer with the snow filling holes and thus smoothing the first roads.

In fact travel could be so rough in summer over some of the roads that some travellers felt safer walking than riding in wagons or buggies.

The book describes the development of the roads from the days of the Indian trails to the building of Highway 16 in the 1920s. It also includes pictures and maps and some cost information for building roads. It is an excellent read for anyone who wonders about the origins of our road system.

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