Book King of the Rideau

King of the Rideau, (in stock)

Author: Catherine L. Carroll
Printing made possible by the Manotick Lions Club
Published: March 1998
Copyright © Canada by Catherine L. Carroll 
94 pages
Spiral wire bound
Format 5½ x8 inches

Rideau Branch Ottawa Archives, Tuesdays 9:30am - 4:30pm

Moss Kent Dickinson was a larger than life character who not only founded Manotick, but also built and ran the mills including Watson’s Mill. He also ran a large steamboats based forwarding business, and dabbled in politics. He was for a time mayor of Ottawa and was a long time friend of Sir John A, MacDonald.

The author, Catherine Carroll, describes the book as a “novel based on the life of Moss Kent Dickinson, rather than a biography.” However the book is jammed with historical fact in regard to the life of Mr. Dickinson and provides the reader with an excellent account of his “doings” along the way with supporting pictures and documents.

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