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A History of Long Island, Manotick, 1827 - 1997

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Author: Catherine Carroll & Barbara Humphreys
Published: 1997
62 pages
Binding stapled
Format 6½ x 8½ inches

Not available at this time. Plans are being made to update and reprint

While much has been written about Manotick over the years the history of the island Long Island has been somewhat neglected. This book has taken up the challenge of filling that gap.

 The Island's history for the purpose of this book began with the establishment of the Rideau Canal and some water-powered grist and saw mills. The important sites were the Rideau Canal locks and dam near the northern end of the Island and the bulkhead dam near the south end of the Island.

The book describes three phases of development for Long Island.

The first phase covers the construction of the canal between 1827 and 1832 which resulted in a small settlement adjacent to the Long Island locks. The second phase centred around the mills and the bulkhead at Manotick. The third phase began at the end of World War II when home construction on the Island began in earnest.

Over the course of these three phases the island went from 12 farms to over 700 residents by 1990. Enjoy the story of this journey.