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Cheese Factories of Rideau Township, 2nd Edition
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Author: Iona Joy
Published: 2013
Copyright © Iona Joy
ISBN  978-0-9781361-3-0
114 pages
Perfect bound
Format 8½ x 11 inches

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In the 1800s and early 1900s cheese factories did not operate in the winter. The cows were allowed to go dry in the fall and freshened in the spring.

Many of our cheese factories processed more than a. million pounds of milk in a. year producing more than 100,000 pounds of cheese, - a. ten percent yield. Some cheesemakers put letters in glass vials in their cheese asking consumers to reply describing the quality of the cheese when it got to market. Replies were received.

In the early days, cheese was in the top three of Canadian exports exceeded only by lumber and fish. Because of the importance of cheese exports to the economy of Canada, the Federal and Provincial Governments took a keen interest in assisting and promoting the production of high quality cheese.

The first edition of Cheese Factories of Rideau Township was published in 1990. At that time we did not have the computer technology and the economies resulting from it that we have today.  The Rideau Township Historical Society therefore decided to publish a second edition of the book that would include many pictures, articles, documents and other graphic material that could not be included in the first edition. This has resulted in a book that provides a much deeper understanding and appreciation of the “cheese business” and what it meant to Canada.