Book carsonby a community history

Carsonby: A Community History  (in stock)

Author: Members of the Carsonby Historical Society
(As acknowledged in the book)
Published: 1967
Copyright: Carsonby Historical Society
110 pages
Staple bound
Format 6 x 9 inches

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The small “town” known as “Carsonby” was never formally a town. It is described in this book as a “sociological area” rather than a “geographical” area. To all intents and purposes, of course, it functioned as a town. The book states “people went to school and church together, spent social evenings together, exchanged labour, bought groceries at the same place and looked after each other in times of trouble”, all in all not a bad start on a definition of a town.

The book addresses farming practices and early living practices, community institutions, and the schools of North Gower Township (not just Carsonby). There is also a section on miscellaneous items and photographs that contain a variety of gems of historical interest.

This book provides an excellent view of life in the community of Carsonby and surrounding area that will give the reader fascinating insights into how the settlers and their descendants lived their lives and developed the area into what we see today.

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