Annual Xmas Dinner 2011
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   Rowena Pearl at the Keyboard

Rowena Pearl at the keyboard

There are pros and cons to each style of gathering. This one offered convenience, at a final cost of  $32 per person. Looking ahead, should members prefer the cosy (and more affordable) church hall pot-luck, that simply requires sufficient volunteers - without over-burdening the same  stalwart souls time after time. If you have thoughts or comments for next year's December party, or wish to volunteer, please get in touch with anyone on the executive board.

   The food

There's an ad with the tag line: “That was easy!” The 2011 RTHS Christmas dinner was held December 14th at Manderley on the Green. And was it easy! Fifty-two members and friends gathered on an unusually mild winter evening. After mingling over punch or cocktails, everyone settled in for a roast turkey buffet.

Listening to monthly speakers is interesting but it is also nice to sit, eat and chat at length. At our table, my husband and I discussed our 20-year-old son's hopes to travel and work in Germany with Hanna Schaubs and her son Bill, who did that himself, in his younger days. A couple I shall call “anonymous” remarked upon the risk of sitting at the correspondent's table. (It's true, reporters can be quite dangerous that way!) And I learned that table-mate Lynne Webb and I are some sort of very distant cousin, based on a common ancestor from the early 1600's.

With President Bill Tupper away in Florida, Vice-President Maureen McPhee held forth with brief remarks after the meal. She thanked Brian Earl, Rowena Pearl, Manderly staff and Susan McKeller, for putting the event together. Program Director Susan McKellar then presented a quick review of the past year's lectures and outreach efforts, which was followed by a presentation of slides on another successful season of RTHS activities at Dickinson House, set to music by the Manotick Brass Ensemble.

Rowena Pearl graciously provided pleasant music throughout the evening. Once everyone was settled in with coffee, tea or dessert, Pearl then provided excellent keyboard accompaniment for a solid session of Christmas Carols. (Her spouse, RTHS Director Will Pearl, was unable to attend. Someone has to keep the retail sector functioning in the peak season of shopping!)  

Manderly provided a varied and tasty
buffet which was enjoyed by all  

The Christmas Dinner 2011

Article by Lucy Martin, Pictures by Sandy Wilson